Sunday, 30 November 2008

Aerial Assignment Part 2: Industrial Landscape

Soviet-style industrialisation on a vast scale as viewed from floor to ceiling windows in an executive lounge. A fair amount of research and design went it to this work, right down to the carpets and floor materials. As such i had a clear image in mind of the final painting before starting out. Really i should have used a block model for the smokestack, especially considering it was all planned out in an orthographic design drawing prior and not to mention being a real nightmare to plot out in 3/4 view :) Still it works well for a colour sketch at this point.

Friday, 28 November 2008

The Beginning, or Middle? of a Colour Script

The renowned Pixar Colour script has always fascinated me, one small yet highly significant part of the Pixar story telling process. One can only imagine how seriously they took these in a film like Wall-e with such a little amount of dialogue. I'm planning on developing one as a side project to ramp up my colour theory knowledge. I'm curious as to how widespread they are in game development, we are all aware of the ice zone, fire zone, sky zone and such areas of video games. But how does that tie into the players emotional journey and experience? Could be a nice portfolio piece.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Perspective Assignment: Tech Structure continued

A quick splash of colour on the previous value study, i wanted the image to have a gritty, slightly desaturated colour palette. I will likely take this one to finish and work on the intensity of the half tones and reveal the foreground structure designs further.

Aerial Perspective Assignment

Colour sketch depicting vast underwater thermal vent type structures on the sea floor, i will likely return to this and refine design, composition and sense of scale. Maybe some splashes of complimentary colour also.

Colour theory assignment

Exploring various colour variations (Complimentary, Analogous, Blue key) using a value study as a base.

Perspective Assignment: Tech Structure

Really enjoyed painting this one :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Composition thumbnails continued

Week One Sketches

Exercises from Philip Straub's Environment Concept Design class, exploring composition.

Hi everyone, ive set up a blog!!

well first blog, first post. I shall be posting my concept artworks and sketches on this here page, so thanks for looking and hope you like the work!