Saturday, 6 June 2009

Some suff

Ahh its been a while, have been studying a fair bit lately, trying to get more of a handle on color, particularly temperature, and the structure of chroma+hue as it relates to a palette, interesting stuff. Check out guy is a genius when it comes to theorizing color, be warned its incredibly in-depth, but the truths you learn from it are incredibly elegant and useful 

Have also done a a fair bit of sargent study, a touch of philosophy and the nature of aesthetics. I found wrestling with philosophy incredibly usefull, it will surely torment but crucially it builds intellect. 

Attempting to understand the nature of semantics, interesting things.

And some of my dwarwerings of course :)


Matt Vogt said...

Keep up the good work Thomas! Glad to see you're still busy and studying hard! Looked up Semantics, interesting area of research my man.

Keep us posted on the studies and areas of work. I'll be posting more on my blog too at Thinking spiritual works for the time being.

I agreed that handprint site is pretty thick, there seems to be a standard with warm/cool, light/dark, and saturation contrasts in composition - try switching them up!

Keep up the good work,

Thomas England said...

Cheers Matt, yeah i had never really considered semantics before, but being able to differentiate the nonsense form the good stuff, it helps one seek the true definition of whats being told, and thus the truth. There is a heck lot of nonsense and dogma around and colour wheels are an excellent example of it.

"Colour "a" is the complement to colour "b" because its opposite on the colour wheel."

That sentence as it stands alone fails to define what the colour wheel actually comprises of. It assumes at face value the colour wheel is correct. It "could" be but the point is, it relies on an established belief, which may or may not be true. And very often it isnt.

I recommend you check out his sections on colour gamut and painters palettes, the colors you choose to mix with define the maximum chroma and range of hue you have based on the constituents of the palette, often less is more. This will help you understand the contrasts and choose colours from the millions. But yeah look up those bits they good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love it so much!

David Boren said...

Very nice work Thomas! How have you been? I see you've definitely been hard at work. Your paintings seem to be taking on a more painterly feel than the last time I saw them, but I think that is really awesome. Everything seems a little more implied but your use of light and color is definitely quite intriguing. I look forward to your future posts. Take care!

Ben Ho said...

Hey man! These are looking good. Good work on the Sargent studies too!